Finding Hope in Recovery

The disease of addiction affects over 23 million Americans.  It is a disease that has no cure, and that, as a society, we have just begun to understand. Help fight the stigma that an addict faces by learning all you can about this disease and its affects.   


We invite you to Tell Your Story on this website, for it is in reading other’s experiences that we can gain insight for our own lives, and in telling our stories that others can be encouraged.

For a comprehensive list of related websites, visit NAADAC (The Association for Addiction Professionals).

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Finding Hope in Recovery: Families Living with Addiction is available on DVD. The program aired on ABC stations Jan. 4 - Feb. 22, 2009.

Finding Hope in Recovery aired originally on the Hallmark Channel. See About the Documentary for more information.

Finding Hope in Recovery is part of a series of documentaries examining issues that generate stigmas in society. Mennonite Media produced the program for initial broadcast on Hallmark Channel through Faith & Values Media, New York, NY. 

Other programs airing in the series, all produced by Mennonite Media, are Fierce Goodbye: Living in the Shadow of Suicide, and Shadow Voices: Finding Hope in Mental Illness.

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