Avoid & Prevent Addiction Triggers & Cravings with Passages Malibu Drug Treatment Facility

How can Passages Malibu Drug Treatment Facility help you avoid and prevent relapsing? By educating you on how to respond to addiction outside of treatment.

Addiction does more damage to the brain and body than you can know. It damages connections in the brain that will need to be rebuilt. This takes time. And while your body and brain are rebuilding, you’ll be more susceptible to cravings and more easily triggered. This is why you need advice and support from Passages Malibu Drug Treatment Facility.

While addicts need different levels of support to aid recovery, the following are five standard rules to live by if you’re trying to avoid and prevent addiction triggers and cravings.

Rule #1: Avoid Users

While it may be hard to leave your friends and family who use behind, avoiding those who continue to use drugs will aid your recovery. Even users may be proud of you and encourage you to stay sober, but being around drugs or users in any capacity can make you relapse and destroy the hard work you’ve done to get sober. Instead, Passages Malibu Drug Treatment Facility recommends that you surround yourself with sober people and those who don’t lead you into temptation. Positive mentors and supportive friends and family are the keys to recovery.

Rule #2: Avoid Drug Havens

Don’t go to the same old places that got you into this mess in the first place. Situations and environments associated with addiction will recall memories of use, which may bring about negative thoughts. Don’t do that to yourself. You may feel strong in your recovery after receiving treatment with Passages Malibu Drug Rehab Facility, but don’t begin to think that being around drugs won’t affect you…it will. Avoid bars, clubs, or parties that promote drug use or can tempt you further. If you’re recovering from drugs and have never taken issue with alcohol, remember that alcohol does impair judgment and can result in relapse. Don’t put yourself in that position.

Rule #3: Be Honest About Drug Use

Whether it’s with prospective employers or medical or dental physicians, be honest about your drug history. If you’re having a medical procedure done, being dishonest could result in complications or even death. And if your prospective employer asks about drug use, lying is never a good start to a working relationship. Do not be ashamed about having used drugs. You’ve taken control of your life with help from Passages Malibu Drug Treatment Facility. You are now on the right track. That’s something to be proud of.

Rule #4: Be Cautious About Using Prescription Drugs

If you’re prescribed medication by your physician, be cautious. Remember that you are a former addict, and your addictive nature is not dead. Painkillers, anti-anxiety drugs, sleeping pills – all of these can be highly addictive. If the drugs prescribed can potentially be abused, request an alternative or be extremely cautious about proceeding. Use only when necessary.

Once you’ve taken the steps to becoming sober through treatment with Passages Malibu Drug Treatment Facility, your work doesn’t end. Depending on your underlying issues and the extent of your addiction, cravings and triggers may always be a problem for you. So follow these four rules to staying clean and sober.