Alcoholism Is Not a Sentence

The word “disease” implies the presence of pain. But there are a number of diseases for which the presence of pain is not necessary, but, nevertheless, they represent a serious danger to the patient. One of them is alcoholism – chronic disease characterized by sustained dependence on drinking. It is extremely widespread in recent decades, this kind of disease does alcoholism a particularly complex social and medical problem.

Alcoholism and what you need to know

Alcohol dependence occurs and is formed slowly, imperceptibly. Eventually Drinking alcohol causes destructive changes in target organs most affected by the toxic effect of alcohol. As a result, the patient develops alcoholic encephalopathy, affecting the vital organs. Patients suffering from alcoholism, often die as a result of heart attack, stroke, cirrhosis and necrosis of the pancreas. Patients who are alcoholic bring untold suffering to their families, forced to observe changes in personality of a loved one.

Alcohol destruction of a person

Alcoholism destroys not only the body but also the identity of the patient, leading to severe changes in his psyche. Dependence begins with the random methods of alcoholic beverages, which will eventually develop into a domestic drinking. Eventually the dose of the alcohol increases, it becomes progressively regular. Domestic drunkenness lasts from one to ten to twenty years. As the disease, personality change occurs until the complete degradation of alcohol.

What to do?

In order to stop the development of the complications that alcohol is so dangerous, there are many specialized drug treatment clinics and centers. It is known that the treatment of alcohol dependence is possible only with the mutual efforts of the patient who wants to get rid of this condition, and the doctor. It is hard work that requires patience from the patient and from their family.

There are no special pills for alcoholism, to getting rid of this dangerous addiction. Treatment is carried out in phases, it is long. There are a variety of treatments for alcoholism.

At the first stage the disease is treated to relief off withdrawal symptoms. To this end, active detoxification of the body is conducted with the use of drugs which normalizes the vital organs.


The next step in the treatment of alcoholism is to eliminate the craving for alcoholic beverages, restore one’s emotional state and the normal operation of the internal organs. At this stage of addiction, the treatment is carried out with the use of psychotherapeutic techniques, aimed at creating a patient motivation complete rejection of the use of alcoholic beverages.

Patient alcohol treatment in the third step is the selection of drugs for long-term use for preventing failure and resumption of alcohol consumption in the future. The patient remains under the supervision of a doctor, which if necessary carries out correction of a treatment program.

What’s to vital to know

The most important step in the treatment of alcoholism is the social rehabilitation of the patient. Implementation of this phase is carried out with the active participation of the patient’s relatives. Social rehabilitation helps patients return to society, restore normal relations in the family and adapt it in the working team. If you actually want treatment for alcoholism, you can successfully solve this problem.

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