The dependence of a person on anything is a disease that affects the biological, psychological, social and spiritual aspects of life. You cannot give up; if you have taken a number of attempts aimed only at one or a few aspects of life and did not get the desired result. Unfortunately, many people think that if there is a high-paying job, a family, and children – it will help solve the problem of dependence on drugs or alcohol. Experienced professionals have shown that, in fact, people who have been long dependent on bad habits, a lot of them lost heart and life, and many did not have time to learn.


Is there a magical pill?

We all dream of a “magic pill”, take, and after a month or two you are absolutely healthy and happy, and all the horrors of addiction, all you had to go through yourself, family, loved ones during periods of active use in the past. Just so doing searching for fast recovery paths, relatives of drug addicts and alcoholics are beginning to be disappointed and say that the way out of the web does not exist. Or another common mistake – we begin to think that after the detox procedures, our loved one is aware of their situation and their problems, take themselves in hand, and will manifest myself to cope.


The reality is…

In fact, the practice of all professionals working with chemically dependent people has shown that to cope with the problem only 0.1% of the total number of people can. And it’s not in the power of the will, and that craving for consumption has a deep psychological foundation and to achieve sustained remission or recovery takes time and inpatient rehabilitation. It can take anywhere from a month to a year, depending on the patient and his recovery dynamics. And at this time what is required is under constant and close supervision of experienced psychologists and therapists for drug dependency. Yes, there is no magic pill, it is a long process. But it’s time for you if it is dedicated to the success and recovery? How much time is wasted during periods of active use? And how much money is spent by the family for his illness and the solution to the problems to which it leads? And if every sick thought for a second about it, drug addiction and alcoholism are no longer simply be the sentence.


The rehab experience

The global experience has shown that only inpatient rehabilitation the sick person allows him to return to a normal and happy life. And not look in this case only on willpower. Those who rely solely on their stamina are the most difficult patients on the road to recovery. Every drug addict or alcoholic has to find the strength to admit that he needs help and a special rehabilitation to finally get out of the “swamp”, in which he has fallen. In this case it is necessary to trust the professionals and to apply to the rehabilitation centers.

Of course, one of the main rules of the center – it is anonymous. And remember that the personal support from family and friends depends largely on the successful treatment and recovery.


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