When a person first recognizes their problem with alcohol, they may begin asking themselves:

  • How do I address this problem?
  • How severe is the problem?
  • How can I find help with this?

Once they seek help, they may find the problem is much bigger than they realize.  Often times, the person may need to seek help from inpatient rehabilitation services.


Reasons for Seeking Inpatient Treatment

Reasons for seeking inpatient treatment vary from person to person.  Many seek this form of rehab due to the wide availability of alcohol. The opportunity to continue drinking is just too easy and it’s necessary to remove them from the environment. For others it’s necessary to keep from harming themselves or others.  Others may need inpatient care in order to begin using medication to treat alcoholism or other medical/psychological issues.  Others may choose it based on the recommendation of a trained professional or trusted family member or friend.  Still others may find it the only path available due to legal problems they have encountered.

Some studies have shown that the alcoholic who receives inpatient treatment fairs better and resists the urge to drink longer than those who don’t get this type of attention.


Addressing Multiple Areas of the Addict

With alcoholism, there are usually many areas in the alcoholic’s life that need addressing.  Typically, inpatient rehab takes a holistic view of the addict and work with them in as many areas as possible.

Pressures and stresses of everyday life are a part of the alcoholic’s life and will remain there following treatment.   Many facilities help the patient with recognition, coping and avoidance strategies.  Knowing they will be returning to a life outside the facility, the alcoholic may need help in recognizing issues that arise and how to deal with them without relapsing.  For example, a person’s regular route to and from their work may include a drive past a liquor store or bar they once frequented.  Perhaps difficulties at their work may trigger the stress that once led them to choose drinking.  Learning to recognize and deal with situations like these is critical to recovery.

Alcoholics frequently have other issues that go along with their substance abuse.  Psychological and emotional problems often go with the person in recovery.  Having a safe place to work on these issues can be the key to a successful recovery as many facilities are equipped to deal with these problems.

With some alcoholics medical needs must be addressed in recovery.  The physical withdrawals from substance abuse may increase the vulnerability to conditions such as dehydration or other physical ailments.  Having a well-equipped inpatient facility will aid the alcoholic immensely.


Family Support

Inpatient staff recognizes the critical need for support from family members and friends during recovery.  Along with this, family members may receive counseling with the addict to deal with the effects of alcoholism.


Goal of Treatment

The goal of any treatment program is to aid the alcoholic on the road to recovery and to live a life free from substance abuse.   With proper inpatient treatment and follow-up care an alcoholic can decrease their chance of relapsing into their old lifestyle.

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