Non 12 Step Drug and Alcohol Rehab Programs

While structure within a drug rehab program is of great importance for complete recovery, the standard 12 step rehab program may not be the most suitable choice for everyone with a substance addiction. The classic 12 step method has been proven to give great lifelong results for many addicts, but others may choose a different approach to their recovery. There are many other perfectly valid and effective options when it comes to treatment programs.

What Makes a Non 12 Step Drug Rehab Program Different?

The main difference that a non 12 step rehab program has is that it starts from a different place to the traditional 12 step approach. These newer programs do not start with the idea that the substance addiction is the main problem and that all other problems are stemming from this addiction. Instead, they look more closely at underlying issues that may have caused the dependency and work on addressing those. These programs work on the belief that you cannot face life without addiction if you do not address the underlying issues that you may be struggling with.

Non 12 step rehab programs have a heavy focus on personal responsibility. They work to empower the addict, encouraging them to take control of their situation and makes changes for themselves. The staff members work with the patient to help the addict find their own motivation for recovering. Although this can prove a painful and personal journey, it is important to find the key motivators that will ensure lasting success and recovery.

What are the Advantages of Choosing a Non 12 Step Program?

Following a traditional 12 step program is a fairly inflexible treatment plan that requires every patient to follow the same steps. It is more difficult to tailor the recovery experience to each individual patient, which is often a disadvantage as everyone comes from different situations and has different personalities. In the 12 step program every patient is expected to progress at the same rate, when in reality this does not always happen. If a recovering addict suffers a setback or progresses more slowly than others on the program, this can be discouraging for them and is only going to harm their recovery journey.

Alternative rehab programs are completely tailored to the individual. A flexible treatment plan is drawn up for each patient and the treatment plan changes around the recovering addict depending on their progress. Any underlying or untreated mental illnesses can be treated with a combination of medication and therapy as necessary.

Is a Non 12 Step Rehab Program Right for you?

If you have tried rehab before and it hasn’t worked for you, then an alternative approach may well be successful. If you have yet to experience any addiction treatment programs then it is worth exploring the option of a non-traditional approach to substance rehab. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, speak to a professional today and begin the road to recovery.

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